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im kathleen 97% of the time i am playing nintendo games
hi look i found a fun journal meme...... i think its called the alphabet meme im not sure but yeah . here we go:

A - Available: no!!! not that im in a relationship i just dont want to date anyone it sounds exhausting

B - Birthday: march 17

C - Crushing on: no one !?!?!?

D - Drink you last had: sunkist!

E - Easiest person / people to talk to: dad

F - Favourite song: escape from the city by crush 40!!! from sa2 its such a fun song : D

G - Gummi bears or gummy worms: ooo idk i dont really like either..... but maybe gummi bears

H - Hometown: somewhere in texas! not saying where bc i still live here lol!!

I - In love with: amy rose!!! i just thought of a character off the top of my head lmao but anyway  i used to not like her when i was younger but  now i love her shes so cute so pink

J - Jamba Juice flavor: what!!!! is jamba juice!!!

K - Killed someone: nope

L - Longest relationship: n/a

M- Milkshake flavor: strawberry banana!! i like milkshakes from sonic (the restaurant not the hedgehog jdnanfjsb idk why i feel like i had to clarify but whatever)

N - Number of siblings: 0

O - One selfish wish: im not sure honestly D :

P - Person you called last: my mom

Q - Quick at running: no?? i dont know....

R - Reason to smile: pokemon!! i love pokemon a lot thats it no really deep explanation it just means a lot to me

S - Stores you shop at: i dont think i really shop anywhere anymore i havent bought new clothes in like a year . its so sad

T - Time you woke up: around 9am maybe

U - Underwear colour: dude idk!!!

V - Villains: what does this MEAN this is so vague...... what villains......

W - Worst habit: i procrastinate so much its like the worst thing about me >: (

X - X-rays you've had: one time i was in a car accident so my mom took me to get x-rays i was fine tho...... also another time i fainted in like 1st grade and hurt my back pretty badly so i had to get x-rays but i think i was fine that time too

Y - Yogurt: i dont really eat yogurt omg..... but mayb strawberry

Z - Zodiac sign: pisces

thats it . i dont think i have to tag anyone but feel free to do this if u want

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did the dramatic murderer anime live to it's expectations because i watched the first episode forever ago and idk if i should watch the rest.
or would it be better to watch a play through of the game.
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notice me.
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just watch at least 2 minutes and you'll understand.
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